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What's been happening with Cubby and Fox? The summer wedding edition.

Posted on May 15 2017

Hello loyal friends, followers and customers! It's been some time since I wrote a blog or posted on social media. The last year has been crazy, frustrating, sometimes sad and mostly wonderful. I suppose that's the way life goes, but this last year seems to have been especially chock full of action. The next few blog posts will be stories of our adventures and follies of 2016. We hope you enjoy.

Towards the end of last summer we were honored to attend the wedding of two of our dearest friends. They had a gorgeous ceremony in Fort Bragg California. The misty and craggy northern coast of our state has always been Cubby's and my happy place. Attending such an extraordinary celebration there, was one of our favorite happenings of the last year. The event was intimate in attendance and grand in design. Held on a private estate and flower farm, just outside of the city limits. The layout was a juxtaposition of elements arranged with the utmost care. Long family style tables were set with handpicked, vintage and mismatched wares and handwoven napkins collected in Oaxaca. Overhead were draped Mexican paper wedding banners. The surrounding trees were adorned with handmade paper flowers. (Which I helped create at the bachelorette event. Mine were by far the most unattractive of the offerings.) All of this painstakingly arranged, and eclectic decor was set on the sand and grass, enveloped by mist from the neighboring waves. The festivities were wrapped up by the destruction of two unicorn shaped piñatas. (One each for the bride and groom) As we settled into the darkness, our ensemble was illuminated by a large bonfire and twinkle lights. We danced our butts off to copious 90's hip hop. The enjoyment of the event was enriched by the extraordinary and painfully obvious love of our friends. Also plenty of wine and whisky. Possibly too much... But who can blame me?

The second and most exciting wedding of 2016 was that of Cubby's brother.  The party was hosted at at the distinctive home of the bride's parents, in downtown Nevada City. It was as untraditional as it was alluring. The tables were set with fresh flowers from local farms, brass vases and candelabras, quartz, raw amethyst and other various gems and minerals. The bride's dress was handmade by a long time friend, designer and seamstress. All of the pictures were taken on film, by a local photographer Ian Fuenzalida. It was a spectacular experience. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried many times throughout the ceremony. (and before...and after...) There were none of the obligatory speeches and otherwise possibly awkward happenings of most weddings. After the ceremony everyone was encouraged to take their own pictures from an elaborate photo "booth" in the garage. There were generous amounts of dinosaur shaped temporary tattoos, wine, dancing and absolute joy. I cannot think of a more fitting event for my brother-in-law and new sister. It achieved  surprising and seamless combinations of elegance, raw elements of nature, and silliness. If I had my own wedding to do over again, I would definitely take a page from the bride and groom's playbook. 



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  • Mom Hansard: May 18, 2017

    So sweetly described about the people and trimmings that make each wedding unique! Well done Fox!!! <3

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