The Perils and Payoffs of Love


Anyone who has ever been in love can tell you that it can be the most wonderful and uplifting experience there is. They can also tell you that it can come along with heartbreak and pain, the likes of which you think you cannot endure. Love is a gift indeed, but in some cases can be a difficult gift to bear. Being in love with someone and building a relationship is a complex dance of compromise and sacrifice, of giving and receiving, of encouragement and forbearance. The most important step in this dance, I believe, is the one of forgiveness. The power to look past your partners slights and sins to see the being underneath it all; No one is ever perfect. If anyone ever claimed to be, they would be a big fat liar. You will always hurt the ones you love. No matter how much you try not to, it will happen.  

When you are with another person for a long time, sometimes you can get lost. You lose a spark or you get too wrapped up in yourself or others around you. You may become complacent or frustrated. Relationships are built and burned every day, but I believe that if you truly love someone and they love you in return, you can make it through any challenge.

The reason why I am sharing these sentiments with you is because of two of our very special customers...

Cubby and I have created hundreds of wedding sets. Every time we do, it gives us joy to know that we can be part of such a special example of commitment and love. We have never, to our knowledge, made wedding rings like this.

While sharing a bottle of Dom Perignon, Buffy proposed to Janeson in August of 1984. After many years of marriage and what I can only assume to be seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they decided to file for divorce. Living in the commonwealth of Virginia, they were required to endure a six month waiting period before paperwork could be filed. During this time, they were able to find each other again. “Better together forever” is the inscription on their rings. These rings were exchanged to not only renew vows, but to reconcile a once broken marriage.

While sharing a bottle of Dom Perignon, they proposed to stay married to one another. Each accepted.

We would like to thank Janeson and Buffy for choosing us to create the symbols of their reunion and renewed commitment. It means more to us than we can express.

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” -Dalai Lama

Please see more of Janeson and Buffy's story here in Janeson's blog



And thank you for the beautiful rings!

Sue Hansard
Sue Hansard

Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

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