Weekend photo Shoot With Simon Weller

We were so lucky this past weekend to have done a Classic Titanium photo shoot with professional photographer Simon Weller! We braved the cold with our models, Mark, Jonathan and myself. Oh yeah, it's me again, Fox. It was a beautiful day with lots of good light. (or so Simon tells me) We climbed rocks at the always enchanting Yuba River, played in red and gold leaves, cracked lots of jokes and had pizza in the afternoon. I can say with total confidence that the day was a success. I have posted some of the pictures here on the website as a slideshow, there are more on our Facebook page. Take a look!

Both Cubby and I would like to extend a huge thank you to our devilishly handsome models and our photographer extraordinaire. We had a wonderful day!

I am also sure that you, our friend and customer would have a great time looking at more photography by the talented Simon Weller. Please visit his website here- www.simonweller.com



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