We would like to introduce you to some of our friends.
These are creative, hardworking and innovative people that we know and love. We think you will love them too!

Repurpose Compostables

Repurpose was founded in 2009 by a group of young environmental entrepreneurs, looking for quality solutions to the problem of single use petroleum based plastic products. After searching and finding few quality and cost competitive compostable solutions, they decided to manufacture their own. Repurpose was born with its mission to replace all single use disposable plastics with high quality, innovative, plant based alternatives. Repurpose makes products from plants, not petroleum, using Ingeoâ„¢ resin and meets ASTM 6400 compostability standards.

Repurpose products are now available to consumers and to businesses allowing everyone the opportunity to lessen their dependence on oil, lower their carbon footprint, and find non-toxic, safe alternatives to plastic.

Please take some time to view their website and to like them on facebook


Grace Henry Vintage- Owners- Erin Davis and Jaime Melugin

Grace Henry Vintage is a beautiful little shop on Etsy run by my Mother and Sister. It is full of unique treasures that have been painstakingly collected and researched. I would love to tell you how much all of these things mean to them, but I will let you read it in this eloquent little bio written by my sister.

I hope you enjoy their store as much as I do!

"My attachment to the culture and style of the early-to-mid 20th century has been present in me for as long as I can remember. Passed down to my mom by her mother and grandmother before her, she enriched my childhood with stories, movies, books and artifacts from these beloved, bygone eras.

Throughout my life I have loved hunting for and learning about vintage and antique treasures with my mom. As our collections grow, so does our knowledge and love for the items we find and the times they represent.

Grace Henry, named for two of the most treasured people in our lives, is an expression of our adoration and respect for the creativity and craftsmanship of the past, as well as our complete appreciation and gratitude for the present moment... and for each other."

Visit their store here and their blog here


Devout Dolls- Sara Lanzillotta- Owner and Soft Sculptor

Sara is a creator of uniquely cute and beautifully macabre soft sculptures and doll clothes. She has been doing so quite successfully for the last 13 years. Among her wonderful creations you can find dolls and doll clothes, two headed deer, (one of which I own and love!) zombies, squeaking monsters, scarves, pins and so much more!

Sara creates every piece by hand from her home in Seattle Washington, where she lives with her also very talented husband, sometimes a little grumpy but always adorable chihuahua and always grumpy but none the less loved kitty. Sara's work has been featured in many stores and galleries across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and also in several magazines and at the Seattle Art Museum.

Please visit her Etsy store, Website and/or Flickr account. I promise you will like what you see!
(Once you do, go to her Facebook page and like her there too!)

Saw Studios- Studio Director- Jim Williams

Saw Studios offers ten years of experience in architecture, self promotion, wedding and portrait photography. As well as graphic design for branding, logo creation, business collateral AND website design and programming. Wow, that's a lot! Jim is a really talented man with a great personality and he works with an amazing team!

Check out Saw Studio's beautiful website here.

Simon Weller- Photographer

"Simon Weller was born in England in 1972. His career began in 1996 as a graphic designer for HarperCollins and Penguin Books in London. Since 2001 he has worked as a photographer for a diverse range of international clients including Airstream, Bloomsbury, EMI Records,Tate Gallery, Toyota and Wired magazine. Simon has photographed extensively throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and North America and many of his images can be licensed through Corbis and Getty Images.

During the last decade Simon has photographed a number of leading musicians and bands including the Grammy Award winning producerDanger Mouse, Gorillaz, Broken Bells, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hella, Le Butcherettes, Alela Diane and Joanna Newsom. In April 2011 he was commissioned by Sony Music to document James Mercer of The Shinsrecording for the band's latest album 'Port of Morrow' in Los Angeles.

In early 2011 Simon's first book South African Township Barbershops & Salons was published by Mark Batty, with distribution by Random House in North America and by Thames & Hudson in the rest of the world. The title has been featured on a number of high profile blogs including Brain Pickings, Cool Hunting, Dossier Journal, Flavorwireand, It's Nice That. In June 2011 The New York Times critic Steven Heller selected the book for the newspaper's 'Summer Reading' list."

Simon has also kindly done many photo shoots with us. You can see examples of his work on his website, his Facebook page, and the Classic Titanium Facebook page as well.

Tahiti Pehrson- Artist

"Tahiti Pehrson is a Northern Californian artist with long ties to the Bay Area. Recent works explores the fragility and interconnectedness expressed by physical structures. Large scale installations of geometrical hand cut paper are layered into three-dimensional structures.  Pehrson has been working in paper for nearly fifteen years."

This guy can do some AMAZING things with paper. Go to his website an view some of his work. I know you will be glad you did. 

Serena Cole- Artist

I have known Serena for about 16 years. She is an amazing person and an amazing artist! I can't say enough good things about her! Below is the awesome bio from her website. CHECK HER OUT. I am not joking.

"Serena Cole was born to Californian suburban parents who lost their love for each other as soon as the pool was built on the honeymoon home. Afterward, her mother married a man because he looked like Tom Selleck, who lived on the top of mountain. Forced to leave the roller-skatable sidewalks of San Jose, at age eight she found herself living off-the-grid in the Sierra Nevadas and spent the rest of her childhood looking for the mall.

This extreme isolation from culture and civilization created a fetishized association with anything perceived of as high art, fashion, or wealth. She can still recall every page of the only Vogue she was ever given as a child. This incurable affliction followed her into adulthood and her art career, where she studied painting at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

She works from an irrational, unyielding desire to enter the unattainable through her highly detailed paintings and drawings. Positioned as both hopeless outsider and wary researcher, she creates work from her examinations of fashion advertising as a cultural anthropologist and an obsessive, self-aware consumer of highly seductive imagery.

She received her Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2011 from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally, including exhibitions at Hinterconti in Hamburg, Germany, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Marx and Zavattero in San Francisco, CA, Roberts and Tilton at Domestic in Los Angeles, CA, Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN, and Phillips de Pury and Dodge Gallery in New York, NY.
She is currently an instructor at the Art Studio at UC Berkeley and lives and works in the Bay Area."