The concept of soul mates has been around since humans discovered how to love. So, basically forever. Cubby and I have been honored this month to create a touchingly beautiful item that expresses this concept. For our special customer, the way to show his devotion was through the legend of The Red Thread of Destiny, (Also called the Red String of Fate.) known in Japan as “Akai Ito”.

It goes a little something like this-

When you are created, the gods tie an invisible red string to your little finger. Also attaching the other end of your string to your soul mate. Over time this string may be stretched or tangled, but never broken. Somewhere in this life or the next, you will find this person and you will become complete.

Whether or not you subscribe to the idea that we all have a soul mate, is your choice indeed. From either side, it is an elegant and alluring sentiment.

Like I said before, Cubby and I were honored to be part of the creation of such a meaningful ring. We will be forever touched by the beauty of its purpose.

Here are some photos of the finished product. We hope you enjoy!